Wednesday, November 18, 2015


EIGHT! An extra big deal. We do friend birthday parties every four years, hers is Friday. A major milestone, she can choose to be baptised, and has. It is a beautiful commitment and tradition to be a better human. It inspires goodness and desire to improve one's self and the world, and offers a reason to strive to do so. It is beautiful to have traditions and to be a part of a community and a bigger cause. It is extending one's family. Adaiah already naturally embodies goodness and sweetness of spirit. My dad wrote in her birthday card, "this card reminds me of how beautiful and bright you are. It is the happiness that is in you, the love of life that you show." He nailed it, warmed my heart so much. I share so much on here because I see my family nearly never. I appreciate FB for staying in touch with loved ones and I'm so glad between our rare visits, mail exchanged, and phone calls that he's felt her unique spirit. I love you Adaiah. You make me smile every single day, regardless of how old and worn and whiney I feel.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Between my lack of putting baby down and Everly's general speed it's hard to capture them together heart emoticon

Saturday, November 14, 2015

First full family outing

So...  I know a lot of people have more kids but four kids is a lot!  Brian had a store booth set up at a holiday expo at Friendship Hall at the local fairgrounds with our sales people manning it so we all visited it.  It was nice to get out and to have Lezja admired.
Brian and Hannah, one of our awesome blossom employees at the booth.
So out we ALL went.  It was nice being among people.  We went yesterday after school and again this morning to take advantage of Santa, so we got our Santa photos rather early, but it's dunzo.  Adaiah and Denver willingly went to him for the first time!  Everly wasn't having it, though she gave her signature sweetest "thank you" for her candy cane.  It ended up being a family photo so I could "protect" Everly.  

The kids were amazing and asked for a happy family for Christmas.  Ha even they know we have more stuff than we can handle.  We're planning on donating to the food bank, though I already have a few gifts for the kiddos.  They were genuinely excited when they heard that plan.  Oh man I love them.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Last minute practice

Everly decided to "change" (she signs and says it) her bunny, after putting her to nap.  I let her have a diaper, though that may mean the destruction of all diapers from here forth...  We'll see if I live to regret this one, ha.  She's been bored, I'm super low motivation, the kids are at school.  That generally equals destructive for her.  Digging through bathroom drawers, dumping cat food or cereal all over the kitchen.  My purse has definitely taken the most consistent abuse, despite my threats.  She's a busy busy girlie.

This is what I found when I threw back the covers at naptime, complete with snoring.  Hilarious.

Still waiting on munchkin number four!  My negative nancy hoodie cracks me up.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Sleeping bunny

This kid cracks me up, no idea what possesses her to pretend sleeping when I check on her in the tub, but I adore it. Bonus points for the cover up, Evs : D
She does the same thing to both Brian and I when we get her out of her car seat. Love love her!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Waiting for babes

Denver, "what's the newborn baby going to be?" ... "A girl..." Denver, "dressed in white?" (That's sweet ♥) "no, she'll be naked..." "oh, that's weird." So much weird, kiddo, you have no idea.
I suggested it would be super weird for clothing to be in my body.
Bonus, when I told Adaiah what Denver had asked, she awwed.  She's so darling to recognize the sweetness in her siblings.  

Monday, December 29, 2014


I was nagged about my lack of blogging today and rightfully so!  So here's a big part of my life, two naps plus bedtime (usually handled by Brian) everyday.  Everly wants her naps, complete with waves and straight jacket.  We had to work to transition her to a crib to make our lives easier and, I admit with some bittersweetness, she sleeps better and clearly prefers it.  She often hollers for a minute, or flirts like she is now.  She's like a little larvae, wiggling all over.  She's so fun that I resent naptime interruptions, but alas, I'll regret it if I fail to appease.